Descendants of Henry Wagner



Generation No. 1


1.  HENRY4 WAGNER  (JOHN3, JOHN2, NICHOLAS1)1 was born Aug 02, 1813 in Ehrang, Rheinland, Preussen2, and died Nov 13, 1899 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan3.  He married MAGDALENA GIERST4 Dec 09, 1841 in Sankt Peter Katholisch, Ehrang, Rheinland, Preussen.  She was born Mar 14, 1813 in Ehrang, Rheinland, Preussen5, and died Oct 21, 1880 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan6.



Christened Henricus Wagner at Sankt Peter's Katholisch in Trier, Ehrang, Prussia



OBIT:  DETROIT NEWS, Tuesday, 14 Nov 1899 (front page)



Brought to United States 31 Years Ago by His Sons, Who Would Not Let Him Toil


Henry Wagner, for 31 years a resident of Detroit, lies dead at his late residence, 174 Lincoln Avenue, of old age, he having passed his eighty-sixth birthday.


Deceased was born in a little town near Frier, Germany, in 1813, and came to Detroit in 1868, straight from his native village.  Four of his sons, however, had preceded him, and as they were doing well as journeymen bakers, they clubbed together and brought the rest of the family over.  A year or so later, the boys started in business for themselves, subsequently becoming incorporated as the Wagner Baking Co. And still doing business on Grand River Avenue.


"We never allowed our father to do a day's work after he came to this country," said John B. Wagner, the eldest son, to The News today.  "We wanted the whole family with us, and all but one are still alive and, residents of Detroit.  The family consists of myself, Edward, Christopher, Henry, Jr., John, Amelia, who is now Mrs. Henry Ulrich, and Margaret, who married J. B. Kirscht.  All the boys are interested in the Wagner Baking Co., but our father never was.  We let him enjoy life without the worry and distractions of business, for we wanted to keep him with us as long as we could."


The funeral will take place Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from 174 Lincoln Avenue.




WAGNER - November 13, at his son's home, 174 Lincoln Avenue.  Henry Wagner, aged 86 years.  Funeral Thursday at 2 p.m. from above residence.  Burial private.  Kindly omit flowers.


Buried:  Woodmere Cemetery, Sec. A, Lot 508 (grave 18)




OBIT:  DETROIT FREE PRESS, Friday, 22 Oct 1880


WAGNER - Oct. 21, 7:30 a.m., HELENA WAGNER, wife of H. Wagner, aged 67 years.

Funeral will take place from residence, 352 Grand River Ave., Sunday, October 24th, 2 o'clock p.m.  Friends of the family invited to attend.


BURIED:  Woodmere Cemetery, Sec. A, Lot 508



                    i.    GRETCHEN5 WAGNER.

                   ii.    JOHN PETER WAGNER, b. Oct 1842, Bitburg, Rheinland, Preussen; d. Dec 17, 1888, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.



Christened as Joannis Wagner ( Source Batch J994892)


Resided:  312 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI


OBIT:  DETROIT NEWS, Tuesday 18 Dec 1888


WAGNER - Dec. 17, at 7 a.m., Pierre Wagner, aged 46 years.  Funeral Thursday, at 2 p.m., from his mother's residence, 174 Lincoln Ave.


BURIED:  Woodmere Cemetery, Sec. A, Lot 508



J. P. Wagner

Nov. 1, 1842

Dec 17, 1880


                  iii.    JOHN BAPTIST WAGNER, b. Apr 25, 1844, Bittburg, Rheinland, Preussen; d. May 04, 1911, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; m. (1) JOHANNA; b. Mar 09, 18597; d. Dec 24, 1900, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; m. (2) MINNIE HEIDEBRESCHT; b. May 02, 1852; d. Dec 07, 1883, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.



Christened as Joannis Wagner ( Source Batch J994892)


1900 U.S. Census:  Detroit, MI, E.D. 64 (sheet 7, line 37), 174 Lincoln Ave.


OBIT:  DETROIT NEWS, Friday, 5 May 1911, Pg. 5 (including photo)





John B. Wagner, of the Wagner Baking Company, one of Detroit's oldest and leading bakers, died yesterday at his home, 174 Lincoln Ave., following an illness of five weeks.  He was 67 years old, and came in 1861 to Detroit from Bitburg, Germany, where he was born.


Mr. Wagner, with his two brothers, Edward and Christopher, opened the baking establishment, first at Woodward and Montcalm Streets, and later at Grand River and Greenwood, where the business became one of the largest in the city.  Mr. Wagner retired about five years ago.  He leaves one son, Adolph, and one daughter, Mrs. Amy Hausherr.  His four brothers also survive him.


The funeral will be at the home tomorrow morning at 8:30 and at St. Joseph's Church at 9.  Interment at Mt. Elliott.


Mt. Elliott Cemetery Interment Record

Date of Interment:  06 May 1911

Place of Nativity:     none listed

Age at death:           67 yrs 9 mos

Parish:                        St. Joseph

Residence:                174 Lincoln

Date of Death:          04 May 1911

Burial:                         Lot 74, Section V

Funeral Director:    G. Thon


Notes for JOHANNA:


1900 U.S. Census:  Detroit, MI, E.D. 64 (sheet 7, line 37), 174 Lincoln Ave. 3 children, 2 living



Mt. Elliott Cemetery Interment Record

Date of Interment:  26 Dec 1900

Place of Nativity:     USA

Age at death:           41 yrs

Parish:                        St. Leo

Residence:                174 Lincoln

Date of Death:         24 Dec 1900

Burial:                         Lot 74, Section V

Funeral Director:    G. Thon


                  iv.    EDWARD QUIRINUS WAGNER, b. Oct 27, 1845, Bittburg, Rheinland, Preussen7; d. Jun 24, 1926, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; m. ANNA MARIE TINETTE8, Apr 22, 1875, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; b. Dec 08, 1855, Neuerburg, Rheinland, Preussen; d. May 07, 1939, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.



Christened as Eduardus Quirinus


Ref:  American Biography, A New Cyclopedia, Vol 28

The American Historical Society, Inc., New York 1927


WAGNER, Edward

Business Executive.


Sixty-three years of identification with the growing business interests of Detroit, Michigan, one of the most successful concerns of which he founded and directed for fifty-six years, brought w widespread recognition to Edward Wagner. Until his retirement in 1924 he was president of the Wagner Baking Company, one of the largest organizations of its kind in Michigan. He was a broad-gauged businessman, popular in various social groups, and helpful to every phase of civic progress.


Edward Wagner was born in Bittberg, Prussia, in the northern part of Germany, October 27,1845, son of Henry and Helen (Kerst) Wagner. The father, a baker and man of prominence in his native town, came to America after his son was established in business. The mother was a native of Eiffel, France. The son received his early education. in Germany, learning the confectionery business in Coblenz, and studying in private schools in Bittberg, acquiring a knowledge of the English language from Professor Matthias Rohr, who later moved to Buffalo, New York.  Edward Wagner sailed to America in 1863, making the voyage in a sailing vessel which required ninety days to make the trip. He resided briefly in Philadelphia, where he was employed in a baking establishment managed by a Quaker, and afterward in Chicago, I t was about 1865 that he came to Detroit and worked in various bakeries.  In 1868 Mr. Wagner established his own business on Woodward Avenue, between Montcalm and Columbia streets, his father lending him the money to make the start. Prosperity visited the new concern immediately. Success had been predicted for Mr. Wagner by no less a person than  General Grant, for whom he had made a cake decorated with the likeness of the general on his horse, shaped with confections, This was when Mr. Wagner was a caterer for the Hesselbacker Baking Company, and the generals congratulations and toast to his success occurred at the old Russell House, where a dinner was given to the general by General Chandler. This good wish came true, for the small bakery prospered, and as its business grew, moved to new quarters on Grand River and Temple avenues, where it has since remained, A steam bakery was installed, and as the years passed the concern became one of the outstanding plants of Michigan. Four of his brothers joined Mr. Wagner in the enterprise, which was incorporated with Mr. Wagner as president for fifty-six years. He also effected the removal of his parents to America.  Ultimately the business was sold to the Continental Baking Company, of Chicago. 


Mr. Wagner was devoted to the land of his adoption and became a citizen as soon as the machinery of naturalization allowed, which gave him the privilege of voting. He was an admirer of Abraham Lincoln, with whom he shook hands at a personal meeting. His widely recognized intelligence and good business judgment brought Mr. Wagner many invitations to accept a place on the directorates of banks and the Chamber of Commerce. He contributed to all the Liberty bonds and gave generously to philanthropic causes, He was a member of the Harmonie Society, the Concordia Singing Society, and the Social Turn Verein,


In Detroit, Michigan, on April 22, 1875. Edward Wagner married Anna Tinnette, daughter of John Peter and Catherine (Theisen) Tinnette, Her father was a musician prominent in Europe and America as a performer on the trombone and the drum.  Wagner survives her husband, as do the following children: I. OttiIie (Wagner) Wieneke, mother or Edward Robert Wieneke, who married Phyllis Baker, of.Detroit. 2, George, who married Maude MacDonald, by whom he has two daughters: Virginia and Phyllis Wagner, 3. Flora,  4. Cora, twin to Flora, 5. Ethelyn, who resides at home. The second child, a son, Edward, is deceased.


A long and fruitful lifetime was that of Edward Wagner , who died at the age of eighty, June 24, 1926. His was a benignant and gentle nature, calm, dignified, and loving, in spite of his unusual endowment of courage, business acumen. and strength of character, He won the respect of all business Detroit, who recognized his integrity and high sense of honor, as well as of all the housewives. who knew they could depend on the excellent quality and reasonable prices of his product. To his family and to the wide circle of friends whom he loved to entertain in his home -and to meet in the social organizations with which he was affiliated, he brought a genial spirit of good fellowship.


OBIT:  DETROIT NEWS, Friday 25 June 1926




Edward Wagner, 80 years old, founder and for many years president of the Wagner Baking Co., died Thursday afternoon at his home, 1496 Boston Boulevard West, after an extended illness.


Mr. Wagner was born in Bitburg, Germany, in 1845 and came to this country at the age of 18.  In 1869, when he was 23 years old, he bought a bakery located on Woodward Avenue between Columbia and Montcalm Streets.  His father loaned him the original capital to establish this business which prospered from the beginning.  Eventually, he was joined in business by four brothers of whom two, John and Henry survive him.


The Wagner Baking Co. was incorporated in 1890 and located at Grand River and Greenwood Avenues in 1905.  The present plant of the company was built in 1915.  For 56 years Mr. Wagner was either senior partner or president of the business institution that bears his name.  The Wagner Baking Co. was sold to the Consolidated Baking Co. of Chicago two years ago.


In 1875 Mr. Wagner married Anna Tinette who survives him.  The children, all living in Detroit, are George J. Wagner, Mrs Ottilia Wagner and the Misses Cora, Flora and Ethelyn Wagner.


The funeral sevices will be held a the home Monday at 2 p.m., the Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Vance officiating.  The body will be placed in a vault at Roseland Cemetery.


Roseland Park Burial Record:

Loc:          Crypt D53

Died:         Jun 24, 1926

Interred:  Jun 28, 1926





[Emigration from Neuerburg, Germany with parents and siblings, with permit

good until 16 Feb 1857, film 0197859.]


Church record (film 0548447) shows extractum for America 15 March 1857.


1900 U.S. Census: Detroit, Mich., E.D. 17 (sheet 12, line 26), 34 Joy Road


OBIT:  DETROIT FREE PRESS, Tuesday, 9 May 1939



Mrs. Anna Marie Wagner, widow of Edward Q. Wagner, former President of the

Wagner Baking Company.  Mrs. Wagner died Sunday afternoon in her home at 1496

West Boston boulevard, at the age of 82.  She was born in Germany and was

brought to this country while still a baby, making a 59-day voyage in a sailing



The family settled immediately in Detroit and became prominent for their

musical talents, Mrs. Wagner's father helping to found a symphony orchestra.

Mrs. Wagner, herself, sang in the old Detroit Opera House at 17 and for several

years afterward sang on the concert stage in several cities and in local



She is survived by five children, George B., Cora, Ethelyn, Otilie and Mrs.

Flora Rode.  Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the home,

with burial in Roseland Park.


Roseland Park Burial Record:

Loc:          Crypt C65

Died:         May 07, 1939

Interred:  May 10, 1939

Age:          82 yr 4 mos 29 days


                    v.    CHRISTOPHER ARTHUR WAGNER, b. Dec 10, 1847, Bittburg, Rheinland, Preussen9; d. Jun 13, 1922, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; m. BARBARA SCHWARZ, Jan 10, 1874, Trinity Lutheran Church, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan10; b. Jan 24, 1855, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan11; d. Apr 28, 1918, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan12.



According to his son Chris, Jr.

came to America in 1867 to find "adventure"

Member of Concordia Club and sang in the chorus

Member of Detroit Turn Verein

Member of Concordia Club in Detroit, a men's choir.

He and Barbara Schwartz had 12 children, all of them living, with 10 still at home.


Owned a Cadillac

According to Robert O Wagner, he is supposed to have been worth $1 million when he died.


According to information from Woodmere Cemetery (per Steven Case), the lots at Woodmere Cemetery were bought for $77 about 6 weeks before Magdalena died.  I would conjecture that his mother was ill for some time and Chris was the one chosen for this task.  She was the first to pass away in the family.


1900 US Census:  Detroit, 116 Willis Ave., E.D. 18 sheet 8B, June 1900, shows that he immigrated from Germany in 1865, has lived in the US 35 years, and is a naturalized citizen.  He owned his home free and clear, and his occupation was a baker.


OBIT:  Thursday June 15, 1922





Chris Wagner, founder of the bakery which bears his name, died of a complication fo diseases Tuesday evening at his residence, 2737 West Grand Boulevard.


Mr. Wagner had been ill for six months.  His sickness interfering with his business, he resigned as head of the the baking company but remained as one of the directors.  Edward Wagner, his son, was elected president and assumed direct charge of the business.


The firm was founded by Mr. Wagner April 1, 1865.  His five brothers also went into the business and they were known to Detroit pioneers as the "Six Wagner Brothers".  Only a few days after the founding, one of the brothers died.


Fifty years ago the majority of Germans in Detroit were members of either the Harmonie Hall or the Turner Hall.  Mr. Wagner was very active in the affairs of both clubs and in later years donated large sums of money to the organizations.


He was born in Bitburg, Germany, December 10, 1847, and came to the United States in May 1865.  He remained in New York City only long enough to see the city and then came to Detroit.


He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Gretchen Kerscht; three brothers, Edward, Henry, Jr., and John; and ten children, Mrs. A. Stoll, Mrs. A. Schnelz, Mrs. George Buhrer, Mrs. J. E. Melloncamp, Mrs. Allen Garrels, Henry J.C., Chris, Jr., John B., Charles and Herbert.


Funeral services will be held at the residence 2737 West Grand Boulevard, Friday at 2 p.m.  Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery.



1900 US Census:  Detroit, 116 Willis Ave., E.D. 18 sheet 8B, June 1900, shows her as having had 12 children, all of them living, with 10 still at home.


From Evergreen Cemetery

Buried               1 May 1918

Location           Sec 12, Lot 481, Grave 1

Cause of death:        inquest pending

Age at death:    64 yrs, 3 mos, 4 days

Place of death  Receiving hospital

Undertaker       Guest and son


                  vi.    ANNA MARIA WAGNER, b. May 1849, Bittburg, Rheinland, Preussen; d. Jun 21, 1904, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; m. HENRY ULRICH; b. 184613; d. Nov 05, 1928, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.



Died in Harper Hospital


Buried:  Woodmere Cemetery, Sec A, Lot 508


OBIT:  DETROIT NEWS, Wednesday, 22 June 1904


ULRICH -- June 21, Amelia, aged 55 years, beloved wife of Henry Ulrich, mother of Mrs. Edward P. Zerbe, and John R. Ulrich.  Funeral Friday at 2 p.m. from residence, 349 Third st.  Funeral private.


                 vii.    MARGARETHA WAGNER14, b. Feb 27, 1851, Bitburg, Rheinland, Prussia, Germany14; d. Dec 21, 1926, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan15,16; m. JOHN BAPTISTE KERSCHT17, Abt. 1872; b. Abt. May 31, 1844, Neuerburg, Bitburg, Rhienland, Preussen; d. Mar 03, 1930, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan18.



Christened in St. Peter Catholic Church, Bitburg, batch no. K994892,

film 532119, pg. 141, 1851


Godparents:  John Brosius and Margaretha Probst, wife of John Wagner, all of



[Emigrated from Bitburg with her parents, sister Amalie, and brothers Henry

and John, permit good until 9 Mar 1867, (film 0197859)]


1900 U.S. Census:

        Detroit, Ward 8, E.D. 83, sheet 10 B, 13 Jun 1900

        178 Spruce

        Immigrated to U.S. in 1865 (husband in 1861)

        Husband's Occupation:  Gold Gilder

        Mother of 3 children, all living


According to Roseland Park records

Died        12/21/1926 in Detroit

Interred 12/24/1926

Age          46 yr 9mos 23days

Calculated Birth date Feb 26, 1880 (must be wrong age)



Christened in Roman Catholic Church in Neuerburg (Source Batch No. C994764)


[Emigration from Neuerburg, Germany with parents and siblings

(Elisabeth and Josephine), with permit good until 8 April 1857.  Film 0197859]


1900 U.S. Census: Detroit, Ward 8, E.D. 83, sheet 10 B, 13 Jun 1900

                   178 Spruce

                   Immigrated to U.S. in 1861

                   Occupation:  Gold Gilder


Interred in Roseland Park Cemetery Crypt 259C

Record shows age at 84 yrs, 8 mos, 4 days

Birth date would be May 31, 1845 ( May 30)


                viii.    HENRY WAGNER, JR., b. Jun 18, 1852, Bittburg, Prussia, Germany19; d. Mar 23, 1925, Miami, Dade, Florida20; m. WILHEMINA NEUBRONNER, May 18, 1878, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; b. Jul 23, 1857, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; d. May 13, 1942, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.


Notes for HENRY WAGNER, JR.:

The City of Detroit 1701 - 1922 Vol IV

S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1922



The vast wholesale bakery plant conducted under the name of the Wagner Baking Company at Detroit has been largely developed and improved by Henry Wagner, Jr., who is now the directing head of a vast enterprise that is surpassed in the middle west only by Chicago establishments of this character.  the name of Wagner has been associated with the baking business in Detroit since1869, when Henry Wagner, Sr., opened a small business that constituted the nucleus of the present mammoth concern. Henry Wagner, Sr., was born in Prussia, Germany, and came to America in 1867, arriving in Detroit on the 1st of May of that year. On the 1st of April, 1869, he established the Wagner Bakery a small building on Grand River avenue and remained a factor in the trade until his death, which occurred in this city in 1900, when he had reached the age of eighty-seven years, although his sons had long since relieved him of the active care and respon-sibilities of the business. He married Helena Girst,also a native of Germany.


Their family included Henry Wagner, Jr., who was born in Prussia, June 10, 1852 and who was there for about fifteen years of age when the family emigrated to the new world.  He had attended the schools of his native land and learned the baking business under the direction of his father, working in various departments of the Detroit plant until he had gained an intimate and comprehensive knowledge of tile business, and is therefore most thoroughly, qualified to direct the labors of those who are in his employ.  The business, as indicated, was established and developed by the father and has been carried on by the sons, who have made this one of the most extensive productive industries of the kind in the middle west.  The business was incorporated under the name of the Wagner Baking Company, with Edward Wagner as president, John Waguer as vice president and Henry Wagner, Jr., as secretary, treasurer and manager.  The building covers a ground space of three hundred and .seventy-eight by two hundred and seventy-four feet.  Its equipment is thoroughly modern in every particular and it is one of the most sanitary plants of the kind in the world.  The bread is never handled by human hands from the time the bulk of flour is measured out until it is ready for delivery.  The plant was planned and erected after an extended tour of the country had been made by Mr. Wagner to all the most important bakery plants.  He carefully noted what was beet in each one and incorporated the idea into his own modern bakery.  The building was erected with the strongest concrete supports to maintain the tremendous capacity of weight on the upper floors, where can be stored a million pounds of flour.  This is apparently a new departure in large wholesale bakeries and the idea originated with Mr. Wagner who placed the flour on the upper floors to avoid handling after it is stored in the building.  From the upper floors it is run through chutes to the mixer and is never again touched by human hands till ready for the delivery wagons.  So clean and sanitary everything about the establishment that a visit to is of the utmost delight as one views the scientific and mechanical processes that are employed in the manufacture of bread.  In connection with the bread baking a large shipping department is maintained and the company also owns an extensive stable and garage, the former eighty by one huindred and twenty feet and the latter eighty by eighty feet.  The employees number three hundred and the company is a close corporation.  Henry Wagner, Jr., is also a director of the Wagner Building Company of Detroit. 


On the 18th of May, 1878, Mr. Wagner was married to Miss Wilheimina Neubronner of Detroit, and they have four children: Henry E., born in Detroit and educated in the high school and in the Detroit Business University, married Theresa Caderette of Marquette, Michigan, and is now connected with theWagner Baking Company; Otto A., born and educated in Detroit, attending the high school and a business college, is also with the Wagner Baking Company.  He married Mim Amie Brickman of Detroit, and they have one child, William; Helen is the wife of Frank S. Gmeiner and they have one child, Wilfred; Adele,a graduate of the Detroit high school, is at home. 


Mr. Wagner is a republican in his political views.Fraternally he is a Mason who has attained the Knights Templar-degree of the York Rite and has also taken the consistory degree in the Scottish Rite and is a Mystic Shriner.  He belongs to the Concordia SingingSociety and has ever been a lover of music. He is connected with the Detroit Chamber of Commerce and is interested in all those forces which make for the city's benefit and upbuilding.  He has here made here his home through fifty-three years and throughout almost the entire period he has been connected with thebaking business, entering his father's employ when the latter established a small bakery in 1869. The business has been developed with the growth of the city until it is today one of the most important commercial interests of Detroit, in which the most carefull systematization is maintained, while the most progressive methods of scientific bread making have been employed in the production of a product, the popularity of which has enabled the company to develop one of the largest plants of the kind in the Mississippi valley outside of Chicago.






founder of Baking Industry bearing His Name Dies suddenly in Florida


The body of Henry E. Wagner, founder of the baking company bearing his name, who died suddenly in Miami, Fla., saturday, will arrive here today for burial from the residence of his son, Henry E. Wagner, Jr., 2285 West Boston Boulevard.  Funeral arrangements have not been completed.


Mr. Wagner, who was 76 years old, died suddenly in the Florida city after a brief illness.  He was born in Bittburg, Germany, and came to Detroit in 1867.  He retired after disposing of his large business interests four years ago.


A Knight templar, York and Scottish Rites, and Mystic Shriner, Detroit Lodge No. 1, he was well known in Masonic circles.  He had gone to Miami on February 12 for a rest.


At his bedside were his wife, Mrs. Wilhelmina Neubronner Wagner, a son Henry E. Wagner, Jr. and two daughters, Miss Adele Wagner and Mrs. Frank Gmeiner.  another son, Otto A. Wagner, lives at 2274 West Chicago boulevard.  He is also survived by a brother, John Wagner, who lives in San Diego, Cal.




WAGNER -- March 23 at Miami, Florida, Henry Jr., bleoved husband of Wilhelmina, and dear father of Henry E., Otto A., Mrs. Helen Gmeiner and Adele Wagner; and brother of John Wagner.  Funeral from his son's residence, 2285 West Boston Boulevard, Wednesday, 2:30 p.m.


                  ix.    JOHN WAGNER, b. Jul 10, 1854, Bittburg, Rheinland, Preussen; d. Dec 08, 1935, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; m. (1) THERESA //; b. May 22, 1877, United States; d. Aug 17, 1926, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; m. (2) MILLIE E. KERCHBERG, Apr 21, 1897, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; d. Apr 03, 1957, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.


Notes for JOHN WAGNER:

Buried Roseland Park Cemetery

Crypt 126C


Notes for THERESA //:

Crypt 51C

Age 49 yrs, 2 mos, 26 days



Crypt 127C



Detroit Marriage record No. 23014, 21 April 1897 (to Millie Kerchberg)

Record indicates he was previously married once

S. M. Frisbie, Pastor

Witnesses:  Nina Whiting & Blance E. Tompkins, both of Detroit






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